Our Recommendations when Renovating a House

Where do you Start?

Finding inspiration to renovate a house can be time-consuming. Different types of renovations can affect the value in various ways. Bedfordshire Property Times has researched and studied three ways that could benefit your home through renovation.

“It’s always important to ask what your goal is when renovating your home. What are you aiming to achieve?”

So what are you looking for?


Another way to renovate your home and add value to your to it is by adding a new floor.

Here are some examples of flooring you can add to your home:

  • Bamboo
  • Broadloom carpet
  • Carpet tiles
  • Commercial sheet vinyl
  • Glue down planks
  • Glue down tiles
  • Laminate
  • Loosely vinyl planks
  • Loosely vinyl tiles

If you want to renovate your home by adding a new flooring contact Skilled Floors at (03) 9808 9000.

Practicality: A New Roof

A new roof isn’t the first thing homeowners think of when renovating their home, but the benefits of renovating your roof may surprise you. Rubber roofing is becoming an increasingly popular material choice for new roofs.

Unlike traditional roofs, rubber roofing is incredibly cost-effective, far more durable and long-lasting. By getting the material in, contact bonding adhesive is applied to help place the rubber roof down.

It’s very simple to install and economical too, protecting your home and saving you money every year.


All-Rounder: A New Kitchen

One of the most popular and common renovations UK homeowners undertake is placing in a new kitchen. A new kitchen can help increase a home value by around 7%.

A brand-new kitchen is a fantastic solution for breathing new life in the layout of your home. There are various designs that you can opt for when updating your kitchen. You could go for a modern design or a sophisticated, traditional one.


Unique: A New Extension

Another popular renovation in the UK is an extension. An extension is a unique renovation because of the new-found space it gives you. An extension usually extends the ground floor at the back and into the garden.

It can give you a chance to revamp and extend the layout and living space of your home. You could put in a new kitchen, another living room or a dining room.


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