The market ran out of steam for the final three months of last year and it was our quietest period in the past six years.

The doldrums continued into 2017 but erupted into life in the third week of January.  Considerably more property is coming to the market and deals are being done.

If you are planning a move, now is a good time to action your plans.

Conveyance Quote

If you are buying or selling a property you will probably be intending to instruct a solicitor to deal with the conveyance. Shopping about for the best quote can be time consuming which is why we have added a facility to their website  enabling members of the public to access solicitors and licensed conveyancers directly to find the best deal.

Many estate agents are concerned about the effects of the removal of the first day marketing concession which allowed a home to be marketed as soon as a Hip was ordered and formal arrangements for payment had been confirmed. This was widely abused and many estate agents did not order a Hip until an offer had been made and the buyers solicitor asked for a copy. This is largely why this concession was removed. The fear now is that it may take so long to obtain the required documents that days if not weeks will pass before the property can be marketed.


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