The Benefits of Adding an Extension to Your Home

Benefits of a house extension

Whilst splashing out on an extension may seem like a costly and time consuming endeavour, the many advantages can make the process worth it.

Here, we look at the benefits of adding an extension to your home.

Before starting renovation work on your home, you should have your property inspected for asbestos, especially if your property was built before 2000. Properties should be inspected regularly and at least once a year. For an asbestos removal company in the Ryde or Blacktown area, visit this website.

Increased Value

An extension is most definitely an investment, but it can increase the value of your home, so if you are planning on selling in the future, or keeping the house in the family for future generations, an extension can be an extremely smart investment of your funds. Read more information.

They can add up to 25% to the value of a property, particularly if you are going to use your extension for essential living space, such as an additional bedroom or bathroom. Turning a two bedroom house into a three bedroom house can drastically increase value, so consider what you are going to use your extension for.


No matter how big the house is, as the family settles in and grows it will seem like you never have enough space. The solution? An extension. It can provide you with vital extra room which you can do what you want with.

From providing an extra bathroom for those busy mornings, to a playroom for the children so the adults can relax elsewhere, you can use your extension to get around all sorts of problems. They also provide a great area for storage – if you find you’ve got a lot of items spread around your home, such as children’s toys, you can use your extension for extra storage space. See ideas here.

Add extra space to your house with these ideas

Avoid Moving House

It could be the case that your family has simply outgrown your current property, and your choices are to move or extend. If this is the case, building an extension to your current property can save your family a lot of hassle. See what’s better.

Building an extension saves you from entering into mortgages and negotiations in the volatile property market, and also means that you don’t have to spend days packing your lives away, contacting banks, arranging transport and all the other headaches which come with moving property.

Bespoke Design

Your extension is your chance to put your personal stamp on your home, as it is all down to you how it is done. You may decide to build up, with a loft conversion, or out with a traditional extension. You can work with your architect or designer to plan exactly how you want it, even down to where you want the plug sockets.

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